I tend to create things in my head when I make something.
Sometimes, my skill can’t catch up with the things I create in my head. But I train myself to make things with my hands. But once, my craft making skills catch up with the creation, the creativity part seems to be lost.
I may just like something vague, something not perfect.
But the basics of craft making skill is essential.
So, I think it may be possible to make something even more vague if I keep learning about craft making.
Old timbers are tightly packed on the shelf. The aroma of wood fills the space. I choose the timbers as if I am picking records or books from my shelf. I never waste them and use down to the last piece of each timber.
The things made out of timber with special care are even more precious.
I live in a 150 year-old house which was abandoned for more than 10 years. It took me about two years to finally finish the renovation. However, the renovation still continues as needed. It is almost a part of my life to keep working on my house.
This endless work will never be finished until I find more special place than here.